Friday, February 15, 2013

46 hrs

This is basically like 127 hours, only it happened to me and therefore it's so much worse.

In the midst of escaping from FancyJeans, I unexpectedly got a job interview at OrganaFoods. 

At least I thought it was an interview.  The store manager was REALLY short staffed and practically begged me to start pretty much on the spot

I was hesitant.  The shifts were eight hours.  I don't know about you, but that seems like way too many hours to me.

She tried to entice me, "You get healthcare, paid days off, bonus birthday pay, a grocery store discount..."

I was like, "Whatever."

She was like, "..."

I was like, "Do I get breaks?"

"...Umm.....You get a ten after two hours, a 30 min after four and another ten after six."

I was like, "YEAHHHHH!!"

I told FancyJeans to take me off the schedule, effective immediately.

FancyJeans did not take me off the schedule, effective immediately.

At OrganaFoods I had to work 30 hours to get all the wondrous benefits.

At FancyJeans they wanted me to work 16 hours

All this resulted in the most harrowing two weeks of my life.

I worked 46 hours in one week and didn't get a day off in two.

Even the starving children in Africa felt sorry for me.

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Blackchild said...

What? I told the Bangladeshi guy who cleans the building your story and one single tear escaped his eye . He told me he was going to tell the other 19 guys he lives with your harrowing story. I think they are going to pitch in and get you something.