Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have a life

And it totally sucks.  Whoever wants one of those is completely dilusional.  These past few years in Texas have been bullshit.  Mostly because I have a job and they actually require me to come in and work.  Frequently.  Also because Awesomecool has a job and I have no one to entertain me while I'm not working.  Sad.  We're grownups and it's lame.

Living in America is dumb and boring.  When you go to work they expect you to work, like, the whole time!! What the fuck kind of mentality is that?? Give me a break.  Literally.  Maybe like five during a five hour shift and work will be tolerable

I should also announce that I'm no longer working at Fucking Capris (I evolved to the 'fancier' version of the same damn company) which is good because I'm kind of over saying the word 'fucking' all the time.  Except in real life,  as in, actually speaking.  When words come out of my mouth, fuck still happens all the time.  The point is I rarely say it on FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter.  I'm such a grownup now.

Speaking of Twitter, did I tell you my twitter story? It's pretty boring except that I started one a few years ago and it maxed out at 50 followers.  That was fucking embarrassing.  So I deleted my twitter.  Then I started another one using MY REAL NAME!! If you know my name you can find me.  Anyway, this story ends with me having 1060 followers.  And me being amazing.  As always.

Also of note, my future ex-husband, BlackChild has started blogging again!! That is the entire reason why I'm even here.  I kind of forgot about this lame blog of only 37 followers until I stumbled upon a whole week and a half's worth of blackchild's new posts.  I'm as happy as a person who is not capable of hapiness can be.  Yay. 


ahuskerinkorea said...

Hi...remember me...huskerinkorea? You used to love me...for a week? Yeah..I live in the USA now sucks donkey dick. Boring! I'm glad you're still entertaining people with your superfluous use of "fuck." Kudos.

SuperFantabulous said...

Of course I remember you! You went crazy. All the more reason to love you.

Kmork said...

Yeah, but what about the tiny pig?