Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breaking Bad

So I got a newish job.  Same company, just the one that isn't all about fat people in capris.  They're about fat people in fancy jeans and sometimes fancy capris.

Now given that I HATED working at Fucking Capris some of us thought I might need a change (forgetting for a moment that I hate pretty much everything and change only means exposing me to new things to hate)

We moved to a new part of CrazyHellTown this year for shiny, not dumb people schools.  We live less than a mile from a Fucking Capris.  I tried to work there.  In the middle of everything the store manager got fired.  They totally forgot about me.  Never actually got hired.  Kind of gave up.  Figured it was a sign that I'm not capable of making decisions for myself.

I turned to the closest approximation of an adult in my family:

"Teen." I said, "What should I do?"

"Maybe work at Fancy Jeans instead."

So that's what I did.

However, the Fancy Jeans that is nearest us is run by a nice guy who likes to surround himself with high-strung, crazy women.  EVERY SINGLE MANAGER there is a woman who fucking insane! It's like a job requirement or something.  It was like mean girls.  I realized too late.

They didn't like my messy hair.  They didn't like my "Non-Current" Fancy Jeans attire (because I wait till the overpriced crap goes on sale before I buy it).  

Really though.  Who cares about all that.  I'm not in high school anymore.  Nobody's going to bully me into buying full price FancyJeans clothes that I'll only wear to work and in my life, hair brushing will always remain optional.

But then shit got real:

Someone along the line decided that breaks should be at "the manager's discretion." As in, I should be able to work a four or five hour shift without a break. 

I assessed the situation:

A. I was getting lots of hours at this Fancy Jeans.

B. I was making lots of money.

C. It would be awkward for me to ask for a transfer back to Fucking Capris because I don't get a ten minute break during my four hour shift.

D. Nobody else seems to think any of this is any reason to complain.

E. Nobody wants any trouble.

F. Adults who cannot make decisions for themselves should not start trouble.

Given all of the above, what choice did I have but to complain constantly, demand breaks, tell everyone who worked there that they would be treated better at Fucking Capris and encourage them to leave, argue with managers about said breaks and eventually ask for a transfer back to Fucking Capris?

But in the chaos, I discoverd Sky Fereirra, so it was all worth it

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