Friday, September 14, 2012


OMG! My super duper BFF Black Mike who gained super duper notoriety in Korea and has since kind of disappeared, left a super duper important comment which totally deserves addressing:

"Yeah who cares about that I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the break up of Bodyrock tv. Did you roll over to Zuskalight or stay with charlesjames?"

So YEAH! I have many opinions on this because you all know that I was basically a close personal friend of Zuz and Freddy in that I watched their videos, did their workouts and constantly told people to do the same because I was supporting my close, personal friends Zuz and Freddy.

I was pretty shocked when they ditched each other and I don't know if you followed either of them on Facebook but shit got weird.  I'll sum up the drama as follows.

1. They announced the split.
2. They actually split as far as is humanly possible in that Zuz stayed in LA and Freddy went back to Canada
3. Lisa Marie showed up to be the new BodyRock host
4. Zuzana started disappearing from the BodyRock site
5. Lisa and Freddy announced their coupledome
6. Lisa got HUGE implants
7. I got annoyed with bodyrock, bodyrock's coupledome and bodyrock's huge implants

I stopped following BodyRock because they kept getting more equipment (in addition to ginormous boobs) and the workouts became hyperactive and annoying. 

Luckily Zuzana came back a few months later and started putting up videos on youtube which were shot in real time and require little if any equipment and what equipment she uses can be bought at a local sports store (unlike sandbags, equalizers, ugi balls and giant boobs).

BONUS: She calls her followers WARRIORZ.  GLEE!!!

Also out of the turmoil came a few new girls that I check out for workout ideas:

1. Real Time Workouts with Chelsea.  She started out doing real time bodyrock workouts but has since started making up her own.  She's super cute and ridiculously nice, something I rarely appreciate but find quite enjoyable in her.

2. Myomy.  I'm not sure what this girl's name is but she's Irish so who cares.  All you need to know is that everything that comes out of her mouth sounds hella sexy.  Also she goes fucking nuts with a kettlebell.  Watch that crazy shit.

That's my close personal insight into the breakup of BodyRock.Tv.  After all that confusion and drama, I've healed, learned and found my way again in the world of doing workouts from the comfort of my own home.


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