Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tomorrow, yours SuperFantabulously truly will be back on the ever loving but crack of dawn shipment team! My back is still jacked, but what are you going to do.  You savor the times when you're working the fitting room and a midget and a tranny walk in that's what you do.  (BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!)

More importantly, it has been decided that the SuperFantabulous clan will be fucking off, come this June to venture back to RainyTown for the summer!! On the way, we hope to see such wonders as: The Oklahoma, The Kansas (not really, those two are just totally in the way), The Colorado, The Utah (again, no way around it), The Idaho (meh).  Please note: I've reached the age where adding THE to everything makes me cute and endearingly old, like a little unicorn.

After Tam's comment I feel like I'm so goddamned famous and adored, I should offer to sign laptop screens in every city I visit, but who has time for that when my new goal in life is to flash as many historical, national monuments as possible on our four-five day cross nation trek.

(I'll stock up on sharpies just in case though!)

Prepare yourself for the boob showing of a lifetime, Nation!  Come June 1st (or 2nd, or 3rd who the fuck knows) IT IS GO TIME!!


Blackchild said...

wait so what is going to happen to fucking capris?

SuperFantabulous said...

I requested a transfer. I can totally do that, but RainyTown is being a dick about returning phone calls and emails. Can you do something about that, my favorite black friend?

a viking travels said...

Great blog post!