Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey There Smarty

Just in case you guys totally missed it while you were doing something ridiculously unimportant, allow me to draw your attention to this comment recently posted by THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE, yo:

I just want to tell you that I just randomly found your blog by typing peanut butter diet weight loss or something like that in to google and have just wasted more time than I care to think reading through your posts. You are hilarious! Brilliant, insiring, intriguing! I love your view on life, furniture, idiots, jeggings, etc, etc and the way you write has me in stitches. I just can't work out if you are for real?? I am fascinated and will continue to read your brilliant blog. Most excellent. 

Believe it or not, there are thousands upon thousands of complete boners out there who have never read my blog.   :(

I KNOW! It's shocking! Working together, we can put a stop to this! Tell EVERYONE to come read this stupid thing!! It gets kind of boring when you put 20 seconds worth of effort into a blog post and only ONE PERSON EVER has been so completely gushing and admiring and . . .


S/He gets it, this Tam.  S/He gets me!  Which totally made me wonder if s/he was real.  In fact I called my sister and I was totally like, "You posted that comment didn't you!!! Are you trying to make me feel like a boner for thinking someone besides you LOVES my blog?"

She was like, " . . . what?"

I pretty much believed her confusion.  I posted the comment to my FaceBook along with 'If you not following my blog, you a sucka!' Lot's of people 'liked' my status of Tam's comment plus my comment of them being suckas because I'm betting my blog is probably kind of annoying to most of the people on my facebook, given that they are people who have deep personal knowledge that I am most definitely for real.

So, dear Tam, waste lots more time.  Encourage all your friends to waste time.  Be sure to not miss the time I yelled at three random people in Spain.  The time got all postal on a postal worker.  The time I showed Korean 10 year old children a massive rhinoceros boner.  Cause they all would probably be like, 'Yeah, she's for real and we kinda wish she wasn't.'

(Wow.  I actually spent literally minutes of my life looking for those posts so I could link to them for you, my favorite person, Tam, but the new blogger is fucking confusing and I couldn't find any of them.  I love you Tam, but not enough to spend any more time figure this shit out. Google it or something.  You're fucking awesome at that.)


Sling Khidorah said...

Brilliant, insiring, intriguing!

Err... Indeed!

P.S. Twitter is sooooo boring now. Thanks for that.

SuperFantabulous said...

I know, I'm such a douchebag.