Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Management.

It happened one night. Maybe it was the craziness of the eight to midnight shift. Maybe it was the full moon in the cold starry sky. Maybe it was a new shipment of RockStar T-shirts we'd received that morning. It all tangled together and pulled apart and came out beautiful.

I arrived at work expecting nothing. I find I'm rarely disappointed that way. I went downstairs with the rest of the late night shift to find the manager. Same as every night. I listened to bits of conversation. Just like all the other times. I didn't realize that everything was about to change. I didn't know. Is it possible to feel something wonderful before it happens?

We gathered around the manager so she could tell us what she wanted us to work on that night. However, that night, she was wearing a Rock Star t-shirt. She had spent the day learning to play songs on the thing. Naturally she wanted to show everyone which was perfect because everyone wanted to see. She played several songs and we wanted more. She gave us more. Then we wanted still more! She gave us even more!! So, basically this meant we got to stand around and watch her fondle her boobs for ten minutes while we were supposed to be working. And that was fucking awesome.


Sarah said...

You have the best job! I wonder if I can get a job at kankle pants..

Sling Khidorah said...

She had spent the day learning to play songs on the thing.

It's a good thing she has her priorities in order.

James said...

I only hope that one day you can be management and play with your boobs for your blogging workers.