Thursday, October 6, 2011

WTF Am I Supposed To Do Now?

Now that I'm in CrazyHellTown for no apparent reason: Wow. Just wow. Wish I'd picked Denver Teaching fellows. Climbing on red rocks looks fun + healthy people! AwesomeCool saw a squashed armadillo by the side of the road on his way to work one day. It's by far the best thing that's ever happened in this city.

Bonus! I feel I don't have to be quite so secretive. Who do I think I am, a rock star? (Well, yes.) No one is ever going to stalk me. Maybe I'll post a picture or two from time to time. Who the fuck knows.


James said...

My stalking has greatly decreased in America. It makes me sad, because you know, having the occassional death threat makes you feel really fucking important. Scared, but important scared.

Sling Khidorah said...

No one is ever going to stalk me.

...Until someone does! But it'll probably be someone like Jared Leto, so whatevers.

SuperFantabulous said...

Jordan? Jordan Catalano? He's always more than welcome to stalk me.