Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Ride to Language Fluency And Cultural Immersion.

Does this whole Amanda Knox thing make anyone else think it would be a good idea to go to your favorite foreign country, get convicted of a crime and spend several years in prison? She came out totally fluent and didn't have to mess with visa bullshit or pay for any hotels. The prisoners in Norway live better than our middle class. Think about it. #Loophole.


Blackchild said...

I'm sure the food in an Italian prison is 3x as good as the food in any public school in America. But you bring up a good point, it would be nice to have full immersion but unfortunately for Knox the language she learned is spoken in only one country. A country she is for all intents and purposes banned from. Now if she were locked up in a Mexican prison that would be a different story. My favorite t.v. show is locked up abroad . I love when they have stupid English teachers on there.

SuperFantabulous said...

That's true, a Spanish speaking country would be more relevant. Also, getting accused of a crime then being found innocent? Hassle.
I'm going to have to look up that show.