Friday, October 21, 2011

2nd Interview!

I got the call today. I was told by BlackChild to let everyone know ahead of time so they can adequately prepare me to act like a normal person and thus have a chance in hell of getting the job.

I called to schedule the interview was told I will be meeting with regional manager Joey and that I should bring my 'A Game.'

I was like, "It's already been fuckin' broughten, Bitch!"

And that's how I avoid gainful employment.

I also have to say that it was very sweet the way nobody mentioned the depths of loserdom I have let myself fall into. I mean 36 and trying for a bullshit job like this? It was like you didn't even think it was weird! I would have made fun had it been you. Maybe not to your face, but I definitely would have thought some stuff.


Blackchild said...

What kind of disgusting person would make fun of you for trying to find gainful employment in this economy. It says a lot about company when the Regional Manager has time to interview a new sales clerk. So when you meet Joey(an adult named Joey) make sure you smile alot and focus on things you can control. Yesterday you gave an answer of "quality of products, variety of choice, decor and a bunch of technical bullshit" which are things you don't control.When it comes time to ask a question ask the boss what is the employee turnover rate and what percentage of your non-management sales staff has been here for more than 1 year. . It is a fairly intelligent question and it will give you a pretty good idea how shitty the job will actually be.

James said...

I had two really awkward not-interviews today. So, my next one is my round one?'re ahead of me.

SuperFantabulous said...

Blackchild: I know! Joey? And my "A Game?" My nightmare come to life. Thanks for the tips!! I'm going to do all of it. You're my smartest.

SuperFantabulous said...

James: But even if it isn't cool, your job SOUNDS cool. And really what's more important? Me<---Jealous!
One of the schools I applied to had a Pre-pre-pre interview!! There were, like, four steps to getting the job. I made it through two of them and died.