Sunday, September 25, 2011

SuperFantabulous Divorce

Oh oh oh oh oh! Hanging tough!

I was not aware knowing the hanging tough dance was grounds for divorce, then I watched the video and I knew he was right.

Transcript while watching the video:

Kid 1: Did people really look like that in the 90's?

Me: Yes and it was awesome.

Me: That was an epic high five he just gave that girl!

Kid 2: More like a sloppy, drunken high five.

Me: Look he's so tough he's throwing his leather jacket on the ground!

Kid 1: They just did the Turk and JD downstairs high five that only JD liked!

Kid 2: Why's the audience so small?

Me: Cause they didn't have enough hairspray for everyone who wanted to be there.

AC: Your mom was in the audience. The New Kids had to jump her because she wasn't hanging tough enough. They were like, 'Look! She's barely doing the dance! Let's get her! It will take all four of us!'

By the end of the video everyone but Mr. AwesomeCool had tried out the 'Hanging Tough' dance. Now we know who's tough enough.

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