Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Evolve much?

Sometimes I just have to sit back and wonder:
What the fuck is wrong with me?

Seriously. How do I get myself into these horrendous situations?

Why did I ever think teaching in a fucking god-fearing, Palin loving, big truck driving city was a good idea?

CrazyHellTown has got to be one of the ugliest cities I have ever seen. If strip malls and ranch houses are your thing, come on over to this fucking hot, steamy, douchebag of a hell hole.

Now. I may be provincial. I am after all from tiny little RainyTown where things like trees and hills exist. Over there we don't generally talk about being 'blessed' non-stop and we don't credit God when any little thing goes right in our lives.

"Praise God. I passed my content exam. I studied, but God had just as much if not more to do with me passing."

So fucking shoot me if I think it's inappropriate to wear a fucking Jesus on a cross to a public school.

Nobody agreed with me. I felt weird. Then someone pointed out that Chandra wore a head scarf because she was Muslim. Well then.

We all respect her because she has a head scarf so why wouldn't I, SuperFantabulous, respect some dimwit Christian chemistry teacher for wearing a cross to school? My cohort wondered.

Sorry, but that's not at all the same thing. If Chandra forgoes the headscarf, she won't make it into heaven. Or something like that.

If dimwit Christian chemistry teacher forgoes the cross, she's just not wearing a chintzy piece of jewelry and saving us all the trouble of having to look at that fucking eyesore.

I'm sure her future students would have appreciated my efforts at reducing distracting baubles in the classroom. It would have made it so much easier for them to predict the products of acid-base reactions (ionic salt and water, mother fucker).

Alas, nobody saw my point. Not even the leader of the class.

"Sure. Wear your religulous jewelry. I don't think anyone would be offended."

And just like that the case was effectively closed.

If super-teacher, leader of the science geeks says we can wear our religious jewelry well then FUCK-ALL!! Let's put crosses around our necks till we can't stand up straight!

Forget that nobody said anything about offending anyone. I just wonder why they feel it's necessary to advertise their religious inclinations to their students. To me it's completely unnecessary.

I find it annoying. This effect is doubled if they are science teachers at public schools.


CrazyHellTown 1
Superfantabulous 0

I'm not liking this place very much.


James said...

Are you done with Institute? Just get your teaching license and then teach abroad somewhere. Let's be honest, teaching in a high-needs school kind of sucks....especially when you are teaching science shit.

Flint said...

Ahhhhh, religion. is there nothing it can't fuck up? :)

SuperFantabulous said...

James: I'm done with institute, but I have to complete a year of teaching in a high needs school before I can get my license, right? I mean they don't really care about the high-needs part, so I've been looking in low-needs schools.

Flint: Exactly.

James said...

In Colorado, you have to teach for two years to get your license. In whatever backwards-ass Southern State you are in, you might have to do something similair. Even then, make sure you will get your "professional" license.