Sunday, July 17, 2011


I kind of wish I'd been blogging the whole time through that horrible ordeal.
I worked harder during that six weeks than I've ever worked in my life (except maybe the time I was taking 16 credits including calculus and physics at the same time)

I would literally spend 15 hours both Saturday and Sunday planning lessons and doing the program homework.

It was a nightmare.

Now that I'm finished, I don't have time to breath. In about a month I'm supposed to be in my own classroom, which, they keep telling us, is going to be even more work. That it's going to be the hardest job we'll ever love.


I've applied to 45 schools in the CrazyHellTown area.

So far, I've only had one interview for an 8th grade physics position.

They said, "We require much more of our teachers than most. You'll work longer hours, including one Saturday a month."

I was ready to walk out right then. However, I'd just asked for water and it hadn't arrived yet. So I sat through the rest of the interview.

Ironically, the only reason I got into this bullshit is because 'teaching' in Spain and Korea was the easiest job I'd ever had. That's what I loved about it. Now I'm actually expected to, like, teach kids stuff? What's up with that!

This is going to be a hard year.

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