Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Best Way To Make Friends In Your Classes

At the teaching program, we have three hours of instruction every day. Now that I've upped my SuperFantabulousness significantly be teaching chemistry from 7:30 to 1:00 my being able to sit through three hours of re-learning stuff I read before coming here is not going well.

Example: Today I was selected to be leader of our group. You might not believe this, but leadering is not my thing. I like to be the shadow leader in the background, the puppet master if you will.

In addition, my institute teacher has an unnatural fondness for timers. Mostly because she enjoys a good discussion as much as the next person (who is not me) which tends to lead to us having to throw out half the class because we've (by we I mean, not me) been discussing various uber-important topics to death (by death, I mean mine).

So there I was, in charge of a group. We had this whole list of things we had to do in very little time. It was put up on the overhead, but by the time she'd run through it all, I was so mentally exhausted I really had no idea what the fuck we were supposed to be doing except that we had to put it on a poster using at least three colors. Coloring! Yippee!!

Luckily, I was more or less able to wing it. Although we were rushed and confused and I had the high-priestess of verbage in my group we more or less made steady progress.

Until . . .

The topic was something about addressing the learning needs of all the kids in the class even though they may have different learning styles or abilities.

Somebody said we should do a 'pre-assessment'. This did not sound right to me. Having had exact terminology drilled into my head since day one at this place, I knew there was a very specific word for this term.

As group leader, I demanded someone find it for me.

Someone did, "Diagnostic assessment!" She said triumphantly.

The crowd went wild.

Cut to literally a minute later.

The queen of verbage was going on and on about diagnostics.

I looked at her, annoyed and confused.

"What the fuck are diagnostics and why would you bring this into our discussion about assessments?"

"Well . . . we're going to do diagnostics to find out where the kids are starting at."

"But here we use the word 'assessment.'" I said this with a smirk on my face (that I immediately regretted) and what may or may not have been interpreted as a condescending tone.

I could see her pride had been pricked and that she was kinda pissed at me, cause the word 'no' suddenly became a three syllable word, "No-oo-oo. We have to use diagnostics as a pre-assessment."

"Whatever." I was super annoyed that she was usurping my authority and was not using that special word that meant 'pre-assessment'. I looked back through my notebook to find that word.

And then I found it: Diagnostic assessment.

I felt really dumb.

"Oh. Sorry. That's right. Diagnostics." I mumbled.

"No, no, no. It's fine, we're agreeing."

Which was totally technically true.

Side note: The fact that I demand a word, immediately forget the word, mock someone for using the word, then find out that I had demanded she use the word, does not make me a bad leader.

Slightly despotic . . . Perhaps.

But bad? No-oo-ooo. No, no, no.


Blackchild said...

this is how Idi Amin started one day you are a teacher fellowship the next day you are demanding solid gold toilets and torturing your rivals.

James said...

Question? Do you want your work products? I'm ahead of you and will totally send them to my superfantabulous friend.