Friday, February 4, 2011

The Postal Postal Worker

A few days ago, I posted about the postal worker who was super pissed I showed up two minutes before closing with my graduate school application.

After I mailed the package, with tracking, I went down to Southern Goat town because Mini-Superfantabulous had yet another 'budget reduction four day weekend'. I checked my tracking obsessively, sure that Postal Douchebag had thrown my package in the trash.

The USPS website had only this to say: We have no record of that number.

Thanks to my ineptitude, I had neglected to make copies of everything in that application 'for my own records' as instructed in the application directions. Therefore, if Postal Douchebag had thrown it in the trash, there was no way I could gather everything up again and re-submit before the deadline.

When I got back, I went to the main post office to see if my package had gone through there. After a lengthy discussion amongst themselves, they all agreed that it was very strange that it would take so long for a package mailed from a nearby city to RainyTown would take more than a few days, but that they had no way of figuring out what happened. Helpful.

Then, yesterday, at 11:57 PM my application showed up in Kent, Washington. I have no idea how my Postal Douchebag managed that. H works at a post office in a tiny little village, right outside RainyTown, so if it had left from there, it surely would have gone through RainyTown's main post office, right?

So now two question questions remain: 1. How the fuck did he do that? And more importantly:

2. What should I do about it?

Should I:
A) Confront the mother fucker. Storm his little post office shouting expletives and demanding he eat twinkies till his fat stomach explodes?
B) Be super zen about it. Realize that he is a miserable person with a miserable life and calling him a fat ass is not going to make the situating any better.
C) Report the suspicious disappearance and reapperance of my package to the Postal authorities (assuming there are any). I mean, why not get it on record in case someone else arrives two minutes before closing and is punished thusly?

And for the record, it was FIVE minutes before closing. According to my receipts, my transaction finished at exactly 4:28. So there.

Leave your WSSD (What Should Superfantabulous Do) vote in the comments!

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