Thursday, November 25, 2010


My first Thanksgiving in two years is about to happen.

Last year I was in Korea, the year before last I was in Spain with the Little Awesome and Mini-Fantabulous. I had no Mr. AwesomeCool to cook for us, so I didn't tell them it was Thanksgiving.

All was not sucky, though, I think I might have taken them to The German's for french fries. Yay!

Traditionally, I am in charge of making the pumpkin pie. That's all I'm in charge of because I have no vision when it comes to cooking. I'm not a 'food artist' like my husband and he doesn't want any of my uninspired dishes fucking up his masterpieces!

As Mr. AwesomeCool said yesterday, with a sparkle in his eye and spirit in his fingers, "Thanksgiving is my time to shine!"

He's out at the RainyTown compound as we speak, prepping for his big day.

To counterbalance the plant based decadence, my Uncle traditionally prepares the 'alternative' dinner. This year the vegetarians will outnumber the meatheads 2:1, however my uncle still insisted on buying a 20 lb turkey, just to be impressive.

Hopefully this year my Uncle will not forgot to add sugar to his pumpkin pies. A few years ago he did and had made seven before he realized it. It was sad to see all those pies in the trash.

Mr. AwesomeCool has had his share of disasters. One year, we decided shopping for food on Thanksgiving day was just the best idea ever! By the time we got around to it, all the stores were closed and we had to have only squash soup for dinner.

In addition to being Thanksgiving, it is also my one year anniversary with my girl Zuz! I will celebrate on Thanksgiving day, by doing one of her hardest workouts ever and the first one I ever saw, thanks to a post on

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