Monday, November 1, 2010

Korea Is Kalling

But I have no phone. A sad situation indeed.

One of my BFFs and former internet loves (oh how I loved smiting you five times a day!) stopped by and dropped a comment:

Ironhead said...

Getting back home is a bear, all right. I told you it would be. :(

Do I have your express permission to start an official "How Long till Superfantabulous Returns to the Land of the Mongol?" poll over on the board? :)

Come back... sqrlnutz... come back! They've made R.E.M.'s "Shiny Happy People" the official theme song of EPIK here now! We get to to do the Michael Stipe/Kate Pierson Dance now at all official EPIK functions! You'd love it!

As Anthony Quinn says as the Aida ibi Tayi character to Lawrence near the end of Lawrence of Arabia,

"There is only the desert for you."

And for you Lady Sqrlnutz, I say this...

"There is only the Land of the Mongol for you."

I answered him in my comments section, then I was like, 'What the fuck am I doing? This comment and my witty, poignant response deserves better than that." Besides, does anyone go back to a comment they've left on a post to see if the object of their obsession has responded?

I certainly don't. Except on rare occasions when I start a cat fight with grammar Nazis on other people's blogs, I forget I ever went there and said anything. Forgetting what I just did, the second I did it is pretty much how I roll.

So here's my response:

My dear, sweet, Ironhead: Love means never having to ask permission and never implying that I would enjoy dancing to Shiny Happy People.

Seriously, besides being vegan, I hate that REM douchebag. What's to like? He looks like a lizard with chicken pox and he sings like a frog on steroids.

With that settled, I have to get to bed. I'm starting my first week down in the Land of the Goats because every time I visited Little Awesome, she seemed to like me less and less. People, especially my own spawn, deciding they don't like me is completely unacceptable. Don't worry, she will be punished.


Ironhead said...

YOUR Poll awaits you, fairest Lady Sqrlnutz! :)

We're leaving the light on back here for you guys! :)

SuperFantabulous said...

I was going to leave a snide comment about how I can certainly find my way around that Idiot board and don't need you leaving links for me to find my own stupid poll. Then I went over there and I could not find it.