Friday, October 29, 2010

MR. Wonderful Goes Down!

On me! JK.

Having also had my life, kids lives and my job threatened while blogging in Korea, I can totally relate. Worrying about some angry Korean breaking into your house and stabbing you in the throat with a chopstick while you sleep is no picnic.

I also came a cunt hair away from shutting down my blog. For whatever crazy reason, I didn't. Instead, I stopped calling them Roundheads. They seemed to accept my compromise and moved on although I did it very begrudgingly. I mean, they do have nice, little round heads! What's the problem?

Whatever. I'm devastated for my loss. I read his blog from the beginning. That makes me super cool. The End.

PS. He was totally right about the economy. There are no jobs, it sucks ass here and there is no end in sight.


Anonymous said...

Hey, here's quick fix to the job situation. Have you considered a move to The Republic of Korea to teach English?

I hear there's lot of jobs there.

Don't know if you ever considered it. But just throwing out an option! :)

Anonymous said...

Just tried going on there to find it locked down. Too bad the roundhead painted clownface morons win again. I wish I was in Korea now so i could throw my trash at an adjumma.

Flint said...

Hopefully it is just a temporary lock down.

SuperFantabulous said...

Anonymous:Is that you, Lousy? Your departure was much more painful than this. It's no secret that I was totally in love with you.
Flint: I kind of doubt it. He got way into that whole Christian thing and kept talking about 'checking out'. He's gone all wonky on jesus crack.

Flint said...

Oh no ... I don't know if there is any coming back from the Jeebus Crack. :(

Fare Thee Well Mr. Wonderful.

Flint said...

And ... An Idiot's Tale is back.

Mike "Long Legged Mack Daddy"Jones said...

I always thought he was a big weenie so like in Ocham's razor whatever is the most pussy like excuse is probably the closest to the truth.

SuperFantabulous said...

Black Mike: He has definitely not earned his big girl panties yet