Friday, October 15, 2010

Application MoFo

I've been using the free internet at the library. Never mind that I'm now miles beyond the city limits and therefor do not qualify to use any part of the public library for free, I have a drivers license that says otherwise! Bonus! They now renew for two years instead of one! So I'm golden.

There are however drawbacks to public internet use, no, I'm not talking about trying to view porn, they put a 60 minute limit on use and there are only five computers, so when you run out of your 60 minutes, you might have to wait forever to get a computer. Literally forever.

You'd be amazed how fast 60 minutes goes by. I'm trying to do super important things, like job search, facebook, blog, facebook, job search, facebook and suddenly I've got the 10 minute warning! So today I brought Mini-Fantabulous's laptop, wherein I run into another problem. Mini-Fantab gets dropped off at 9, the library doesn't open up until 10.

Luckily, the library's internet is on full time, so I'm currently being a creeper in the parking lot with a laptop, typing furiously. I get the internet and I don't have to hang around with the other jobless derelicts who are too poor to afford their own computers.

To add to my woes, my internet, phone and cable free house also has recently suffered the loss of it's washing machine. I've been reduced to handwashing all my clothes in the sink. It's soooooo 'Little House On The Prairie'. I suppose I should just be happy that I have someone willing to let their 35 year old homeless, jobless niece crash with them rent free, even if I am not able to communicate with the outside world or wash my clothes and regularly stumble upon the thawing carcasses of sad little creatures all over the counters.

Also Mr. AwesomeCool and I continue living in different cities, which is surprisingly not horrible. Being the single mother of a 13 year old is pretty freaking easy. The only part I absolutely hate is the making dinner every night part. Luckily, Mini-Fantabulous is uber busy, going to all kinds of dance classes and Indian culture classes that I don't have time to even miss Little Awesome and her Awesome Daddy. I feel like that's weird and inappropriate, but I can't spend all my time pining for them, now can I?

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