Monday, September 13, 2010

Wow Booty

In keeping with my campaign to retain my title of "SuperFantabulous Skinny Bitch" I did the WOW BOOTY workout from BodyRock.Tv this morning. My, as of yet, less skinny bitch husband joined me.

Follow the link, Zuzana's got the workout explained along with pictures and instructional videos there for you.

Over the next 20 days of the ZUZ challenge, I'll post my workouts, reps and times here. You can follow along, doing one workout, or all workouts. If you get inspired to sweat with me until you're an exhausted puddle on the floor, post your times and reps in the comments section below.

WARNING!!!! If you don't get inspired at least once over these 20 days, YOU SUCK and I will have to think of some way to punish you.

For intervals, you will need a timer. I use my Gymboss. You're not cool like me so you don't have one. You can use SpeedBag Forum's Online Timer till you get your own Gymboss (they're only 20 bucks including shipping and they ship to Korea). Sometimes Speedbag Forum's timer doesn't like a certain browser. If the bells aren't ringing try opening it in a different one.

Please be aware that I don't have any equipment, so if she's throwing a sand bag over her shoulders, rest assured that I am doing no such thing. If I can do the workout just like she does, only without the sandbag, I will. If it's for some reason impossible, I will let you know how I modified.

Alright!! Exciting!! Let's Go!!

Mine and Mr. AwesomeCool's Times and Reps for WOW BOOTY!!

Part 1: 18 intervals 5 off 10 on

High Knees:

Part 2: 30 Touchdown Wide Dynamic Squats with Push up

Part 3: Same as Part 1
High Knees:

See if you can beat us!!

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