Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work Tomorrow!!

What a strange feeling it is, after nine days off, to think that tomorrow I have to get up early, get dressed and head off to school. How could anyone expect anything like that of me??

Today Mr. AwesomeCool was continuing with his lazy streak, only today, just for kicks, he added some sniffling and coughing which supposedly carried on from yesterday, but since I don't remember it, I'm pretty sure it never happened and he was just faking to get attention. Well the jokes on him!! You, sir, did not marry a nurturer!

Anyway, thanks to his phantom condition, we stayed inside all day and watched TV. A perfect day!! And like all perfect days, it started out with some exercise porn:

Rock Your Hard Abs

I completed 7 sets in 15.49

For tomorrow, we get even pornier with some girl on girl action:

Brunette Beats Blonde Girl Fight

Can't you just hardly wait?

PS. I've found another blogger to salivate over. This one has taken to jerking off to Chinese Bimbo Yoga while inches from the TV. Why inches from the TV you ask? I have no idea. Seems like there might be some logistical problems with that set up.

But that is neither here nor there, because however far from the TV he chooses to do his Yoga Bimbo business, he's absolutely delightful in every way possible and you should go check him out over at Prestige Korea!

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