Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Guys, One Girl!

Who knew I would come to Korea and become entrenched in a love triangle! Mr. AwesomeCool was obviously immediately insane with jealousy. How could he not be? A Husker was Husking in on his territory!

Sadly, thanks to my current maniacal workout schedule, there is simply not enough of me to go around and I wouldn't have the energy if there was. Also, Husker's thumbs seem to be swinging both ways, thanks to the sheer hotness of the SuperFantabuAwesomeCool duo, it's sometimes hard to tell which one of us is the most sparkling (it's me). Too bad we're saving ourselves for Brangelina or the possibilities would be endless.

In more pragmatic news, a friend from back home does not believe that suddenly finding yourself childless can be the traumatic. She says:

Are you sure these are workouts and not porn? Just wondering. I can't imagine being childless. I fantasize about it all the time. You will have to be more convincing your telling of the boredom and sadness because all I can imagine right now is bliss.

I too fantasized about all the wonderful things I could do, all the amazing places I could go, if only I hadn't been so prone to the prone position back in my youthful days of sloppy-drunk-style decision-making.

It turns out, I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I want to sit at home and watch TV. If anything, the fact that my kids constantly pester me to get me to take care of their basic needs means at least I'm moving around every once in a while and talking to something other than a fictional character on the TV.

And yes, these workouts are basically porn. And that is why I LOVE THEM!! PS. Thanks for the awesome segue!

So, here's today's hot, sweaty workout. Anyone can do this porny exercise routine! So if you've been waiting to join in on the orgy, this would be a good start:

Tight Jeans Booty Workout!

Go to for all the details!

I kinda sucked at this workout. I only was able to finish 4 sets plus 50 jumping jacks and 20 crunches in the allotted 15 minutes. This is the one you can beat me at! Technically, since Mr. AwesomeCool took a lazy day with his twatty vampires, I already have a win, so I can handle it. Get to it!

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