Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today's Activities

1. Get my Zuz on.

2. Arrive at work and immediately take on my entire family in an across the ocean knock down, drag down bitchfest via FaceBook.

3. Be so preoccupied with said family feud that I can't even enjoy my first day of standing in a corner in the brand new Englishee Hub (luckily, The Princess was enthusiastic enough for both of us and absolutely beside herself with glee at being able to fondle the new touch screen monitor).

4. Punctuate morose standing in a corner with sudden and completely random 'Take No Prisoners' badassedness with the talkers and fighters I usually ignore.

5. For reasons not even know to myself, decide the best thing ever would be to get Mr. Giggles on FaceBook. Now he can look at pictures of me in my infamous bikini and can share them with the whole school. I realized too late.

I'd say I've had a nice, well rounded, full day and it's not even 3:00. So, how has your day been?

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