Monday, September 27, 2010

Wake Up in the Dark

Today was my last day with my 4th graders. The first two classes were not notified of my impending departure. The last two were, one of them burst into song. The Princess informed me, "It is a teacher song."

I thought that was pretty cool.

Yesterday, thanks to crazy dreams I was not able to remember, I felt 'off' all day. I tried to call the kiddos and Skype was not being my friend. I hung up feeling extremely disatisfied.

Today I woke up extra early to try again. I was very tired, my mind reeling at the unfairness of having to actually get up and drag myself into work for these last four days. Why can't they just let me stay home and pack?

I called the kids and felt better. Then I was rushed for time so I plowed through my workout. Having Mr. AwesomeCool on the sidelines makes it very difficult to try my hardest. If I don't have someone's face to rub in it, what's the point of winning?

My fears were confirmed when I checked my stats against the last time I did this workout and I lost to my past self in everything except the supergirl push ups. Boo.

Brunette Beating Blonde

10 High Knees with Drop Down

Side to Side Pike Jumps

Leg Raise Reverse Crunch

Side Step Up (L,R)

SuperGirl Pushups

Next workout, I must absolutely kick ass.

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