Friday, September 24, 2010

To Seoul

Today was a huge day, compounded on a semi-large day yesterday when we went for a walk and ended up wandering around the rice patties for an hour lost. Finally we found an opening, a red sea type miracle if you will, and we were able to cross safely to the bike path, where cars drive.

Today we had several important things to do in Seoul:

#1. Despite my ill-fated attempts at a vegan burrito plate last time I went, I couldn't resist the allure of Taco Amigo. Today the owner was taking a break from the kitchen and intimidated me as he idly filled our napkin tray. I was sure he remembered me from the great 'cheese in my burrito' debacle from last time, however, the manner in which he stared into my soul will little interest indicated he didn't. This time, I went with the veggie fajita and it came nicely veganized.

#2. Trade in books at What the Book. Mr. AwesomeCool got reader's block and we spent way too much time looking for a book for him. All his nerdy fantasy books were out of stock. I have a failsafe strategy to avoid such problems and to broaden my reading horizons: Pick a book that has won some kind of award, the more prestigious sounding the better. That is how I came upon Doris Lessing's The Summer Before Dark which was just fabulous.

#3. Get my money back from T-Money! This is one of those things that you just get the feeling is going to be completely impossible or will frustrate you to death trying. However, this turned out to be the easiest task of the day. All we had to do was go to Seoul City tower where the T-Money office is (1st floor), give them the card and they refunded not only the money on the card, but the price of the card itself! An under-achiever's dream come true!

#4. We went to Vegie-Holic vegan bakery. This was super important and absolutely necessary. Take line 2 to Hongik University station, take exit 2 and turn left. Walk two blocks then cross the street at the cross walk and turn right. Walk down the first street on your left between Pourtoi Bakery and Hana Bank. Walk another two blocks and turn left at the next corner where the L-Table Coffee shop is and Veggie-Holic will be on your left a few stores down.
We forgot our camera so no pictures for you!!
Not everything is vegan. Talk to the very nice clerk to find out what's cool for you and Bill Clinton (cause he totally went almost 100% vegan).

Of course we started out our day with 12 minutes of Zuzana love (who also recently went vegetarian, incidentally. We're taking over the world!!). Today it came in the form of Gaga For Tight Booty:

Side Burpee

Mountain Climbers

Ninja Jump Tucks

Mountain Climbers

Step Ups

Mountain Climbers

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