Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snaggle Tooth

Yesterday, Mr. AwesomeCool and I finally went to the dentist because we're about to leave the land of cheap dental care to the land where a crown can cost as much as a good used car.

And that's exactly what Mr. AwesomeCool needed.

Years ago when we had state funded 'dental care for poor people', someone decided AwesomeCool needed a root canal. The trouble was, after the root canal was finished, Mr. AwesomeCool got a job. That meant we made too much to qualify for 'dental care for poor people' but not enough to pay the $2,000 bill for the crown.

Later when he had a better job that provided a dental plan, he couldn't afford to miss work to get it fixed and even with dental insurance, we still would have had to foot half the bill, which we still couldn't afford.

So poor Mr. AwesomeCool had a weird, hollowed out gray tooth in his mouth for several years.

As soon as we got here I said, "Get that thing fixed!"
We went to the dentist soon after we got here. The dentist said it would cost $350.
Mr. AwesomeCool thought that since we had just arrived and had spent a lot of money settling, we couldn't afford it.

"Well, get it fixed before we leave then!"
He nodded thoughtfully.
A year went by fast.

Durning Chuseok I held him down and forced him to make an appointment.

At this point, I was afraid the only thing left for that poor tooth was to yank it out. Luckily that tooth is a trooper. So today Mr. AwesomeCool is the proud owner of a temporary crown, his permanent crown is being molded as we speak.

Since I already had him on the ground, I decided I might as well have him make an appointment for me too. My problem was a run in with a staple back in high school. A tiny sliver of enamel chipped off and over the years spread until there was a slight upward slope to my front tooth. Then a few years ago I accidentally bit a fork, causing an unsightly dent in the middle.

It was only noticeable if you were looking for it but I'm a vain mother fucker. Also I was afraid it would continue slowly wearing and chipping away until there was nothing left. I had my reservations about going to a non-English speaking dentist. I was pretty sure half my tooth might unnecessarily be ground away for no other reason than for the dentist's amusement.

However, the dentist was not in The Little Shop of Horrors, though his dye job might have been, and everything went fine. My dentist was pretty much fluent in English and assured me that only a little bit of tooth grinding would be required. The finished product is a work of art. I can't even tell where my tooth ends and the fake one begins. I also got a cleaning. All this for only W210.

This morning I celebrated my new beautiful tooth by doing the following workout:

I Want Your Sweat

Instead of the sandbag clean and half squats, I did one legged pike press and full side to side squats.

I finished three rounds in 29.26

Only two days left of the challenge!! OMG! LOL!! OMFG!! ROFL!!

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