Monday, September 6, 2010

School Starts Again!

Today was my first actual day of classes. We didn't get to use the exciting new 'English Hub' yet which meant I had to hike my sorry ass up several flights of stairs. I was really not in the mood for that today since as Mr. AwesomeCool put it my 'crazy kept us up last night.'

I strongly disagree with that statement, by the way. I am and always will be operating under the firm belief that I am the only sane person on the planet.

I was actually looking forward to teaching again. Then I got to class, stood in a corner and nearly died of boredom. I began to wonder if people really could teach themselves to sleep with their eyes open and thought it might be a hobby worth looking into.

A few months ago, The Princess decided, in her benevolent rule, that for one day a week, I should be the main teacher. The following Monday the plan was put into action. My main teacherness was frequently interrupted by her non-main teacherness to the point that I seriously questioned her ability to STFU. And the next week the burgeoning policy was abrubtly cancelled, most likely because she realized how tortuously boring it is to stand in a corner all day.

The whole experience made me hate English camps significantly less. Nothing can be all bad if you're able to sneek in a few Smosh and Annoying Orange videos. We also discovered that The Whitest Kids You Know have a wealth of knowledge on eating in a space shuttle. In case you're wondering: Making chocolate milk prior to blast off = not such a great idea.

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Berly said...

"My chocolate milk is ruined!" HA!

Did you notice the dude on the right after the potatoes fell on them? "My eye! My eye!"

Where do you find this shit?