Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today Mr. AwesomeCool and I had a lot to do. Most importantly we need to find a suitcase. Our kids accumulated a ridiculous amount of crap during their year in Korea and it took all but two suitcases to get them home.

Also, my T-Money card suddenly died. I has just charged it the night before and sometime between going to bed and going to work the next morning it went completely blank. I am appropriately outraged. I went to about 5 G25s, Family Marts, subway stations and did not stop until I found out where to go to return the card and supposedly get the lost money off it (T-Money office in Seoul City Tower).

But then, at around 7:30, this happened:

AKA Sweat is Sexy 400 Rep Workout.

This has to be one of the hardest workouts I've ever done in my life. In the middle of the push ups during the fourth round, I had to stop and rest to keep from throwing up. Unfortunately, Mr. AwesomeCool was trying is darndest to beat me, so I couldn't stop for much more than a few seconds.

We completed this workout in

31.09 (me), 31.25 (him)

Also, since we don't have a sandbag, we did a monkey push up/jump up combo instead of the row and dead lift. We also did a jump up after the diagonal lunge that comes before. You can find the monkey push-up at BodyRock.Tv

Now we're too tired to move.

On the homefront: My kids are now living in different cities. The plan was for both of them to go back to their old schools. Little Awesome's school has major attitude about that. So I decided to send her to a school three hours away. Trust me, it seemed brilliant at the time.

My reasoning went that Mini Fantabulous would quickly grow tired of the vile middle school social scene. I mean, seriously! Who in the history of the world actually enjoyed middle school? The girl on girl drama is absolutely atrocious. Middle school had to have been one of the worst times in my whole entire life.

Granted, that might have had something to do with the fact that I looked like this:

No, that's not your 35 year old pedophile cousin that still lives in his mom's basement. That's me at 12 years old.

My kids don't look like a 35 year old pedophile. I'm not the type of mother that would allow her kids to go around looking like that. But still, they're not the type to claw their way to the top of the social ladder or even land there accidentally.

So I figured after a week or two, my Mini Fantabulous would be ready to call it quits on middle school and we could all migrate to the town three hours away. But because I have these plans, and because I told her middle school might totally suck, out of sheer determination, Mini Fantabulous is going to be the happiest middle schooler in the whole United States.

Today I called her only to discover she was at the sleepover birthday party of someone I didn't even know she'd ever even spoken to in her whole life. There were fabulous things planned and she was having a fabulous time. She's never been happier!

So now what do I do? Little Awesome loves her new city. Mini Fantabulous loves her city. It's all a crazy fucked up mess, but I'm much to tired to even think about it.

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