Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Phiting Part 6!!

Today Mr. AwesomeCool and I did Sexy Body Breakdown and our sexy bodies certainly did feel brokedown when we were finished.

Mr. Awecomecool came in with a narrow victory which I blame on the fact that my gargantuan pool of sweat prevented me from properly doing the push-up/power-up combo!
Were it not for having mess with my non-slip yoga mat, victory would have been mine!!

As it was, his time was 15:41 and mine was 15:55 after 10 rounds.

I should also note that Mr. AwesomePussy wanted to quit after only 8 rounds!! The outrage!! Lucky for him, I was having none of it. I cracked my whip and he did two more rounds.

In other news, my Rough and Tumble third graders are at it again. Yesterday out of nowhere a brawl broke out in the back of our new Englishee Room. The recently purchased decorative little squarish and circular shaped foot stools are not meant to be used as a boxing arena, Kiddos!!! Their pale green and yellow tones are meant to be soothing not inflammatory!! What's wrong with you kids!!

Thanks to my wandering mind, I didn't notice until everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. The Princess ran to separate them while, as if on cue, the rest of the class jumped up from their chairs and formed a jeering/cheering circle around the two.

To me it looked like they were just rolling around on the floor, pulling each other's hair. Luckily these kids are practiced crowd controllers. By the time I got there, The Princess had one kid and another boy was laying on top of the other kid to subdue him. The boy the Princess was holding had a black eye, but other than that they seemed unharmed.

Once everything had calmed down, everyone reluctantly wandered back to their tables. The Princess took Blackeye to the nurse and I finished out class with a rousing game of hangman.

Then today we had the same class again and I found that someone was not my fan. The minute he walked in the classroom Blackeye decided he was fucking pissed at me. He kept saying my name followed by very angry sounding Korean.

The Princess kept telling him to shut the fuck up, but he wouldn't quit. At one point I thought he might take a swing at me. Then it seemed like he was commanding me to bow down before him. He said my name pointed to the floor pointed to himself and back at the floor.

After class I asked The Princess what he was going on about. She blushed and said, "He want to punish you."
"Punish me?"
"Yes, but I have no idea why."
"He's mad at me?"
"No, no, not mad. I don't know why he says this. Please don't worry about him."

I have a feeling she wasn't telling me the whole story. If there was ever a reason to learn Korean, it is to find out why a nine year old has put you at the top of his shit list. Unfortunately, that's still not motivation enough for me. Sigh.

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Flint said...

I wonder what he was going on about. It could make the story even funnier. :)