Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Manorexic Marathoner

This morning, Mr. AwesomeCool did not want to get up and do the workout. Why anyone would want to miss 12-20 minutes of pure torture is beyond me. Still, there's a Skinny Bitch coup in the making, so I was content to let him sleep.

However, he ate a chocolate chip for dessert last night, so he rolled himself out of bed and we got our Sexy Hot Cool on (results will be posted at the end).

The reason he wasn't able to sleep was because our apartment has become a sauna. Why is your apartment a sauna you ask? What a stupid question! We can turn our apartment into a sauna if we want to and it's none of your fucking business!!

Actually, besides the Skinny Bitch battle, we are also waging war against a certain sporous fungus. The mold has been absolutely pervasive this summer. I have never in my life seen anything so vigorously virulent.

It grows on our clothes, the bookcases, the stove, inside the stove, on the glass Roundheads seem to believe necessary to put on any flat surface, the floor, the walls, the fake leather couch! As soon as we wash it off, it's back again.

Nothing we do seems to help at all. We've littered our apartment with Hippo Packs to no avail. We've left all the windows and doors open to get the smell out. Now were trying to roast it out. We've been turning the heat on every day before we go to work, hoping it will dry the place out.

So far, it only seems to be encouraging it. Our house is now a giant warm, moist petri dish of fungus. The mold laughs at us from the corners, the ends, the dark undersides of everything we can't see as we wander around in our underwear to avoid passing out from heat exhaustion.

It doesn't help that we're watching House right now and mold is a possible culprit of every horrible disease that shows up. Of course, like lupus, cancer and MS, it never is.

Oh, I also forgot to tell you that Mr. AwesomeCool is planning on running a marathon. I'll also have you know that I have run a half marathon before, just so you're not overly impressed with him.

Today's workout, seen here at Bodyrock.tv

Part I
6 rounds
10 high knees
10 dynamic pushups

Me:5.45 (I did the last two sets on my knees)

Part II- 8 intervals, 10 sec off 50 on.

Elevated push ups with knee tucks
Me: 06,06
AC: 13,10

Step ups L

Step ups R

Reverse Knee Tucks

Part III
6 rounds
10 mountain climbers (2 is one rep but we didn't properly read the workout so we counted each one as a rep)
10 Jump lunges


You can't beat us so don't even try!

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