Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Husker Time!

Someone dropped by to point out that I suck. Here's what he said:

'Speaking of plastic chickens:

I'm seriously considering a comment strike until I get a link on your blogroll.

"Oh no he didn't"


Oh, yes he did!!

And well, now, dear Husker, you can't honestly expect me to be aware of the goings ons on my own blog can you?? You've done your job well in bringing a grievous error to my attention.

If anyone else finds themselves being smited thusly, you'd be well advised to point it out in a direct and forthright manner as Husker did. I'm too busy wallowing in terrible TV shows to notice these highly pressing important matters.

Speaking of which, Flash Forward has proven itself endlessly amusing.

So go visit Husker's blog. I heart it cause there's, like, pictures and funniness and stuff.

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