Friday, September 17, 2010

Infanticide And Joon's Long Pencil

Today was my last day with my sixth graders. I told Mr. Giggles to appropriately inform them. They were appropriately devastated. After they were done crying, they screamed, "Why! Why! Why you leave?!!"

I told them it was because my kids wanted to go home.

Then they threatened to murder my children.

"Your baby! I kill!"

Surprisingly, this is not the first time my kids' lives have been threatened in Korea. However, just like the other time, I doubt anything will come of it. I mean, international murder schemes are pretty difficult to plan, especially for 12 year olds with little to no English speaking ability.

And especially with the oddly pencil themed lessons this week. In the listen and repeat for third grade class Minsu whipped out his pencil for Mina.

"Look at this!" He said proudly brandishing his pencil.
"Wow, it's big!!" She answered appreciatively.

Then in sixth grade today, it was all about Joon's pencil.

"I lost my pencil!" He wailed, looking around frantically.
"Is this it?" Anne asked, holding up a scrawny little three inch pencil.
"No! My pencil is longer!" He answered motioning with his hands that his pencil had to be at least a foot and a half.
"Is this your pencil?" She asked, holding up a six incher.
"No! My pencil is longer than that!" He said, motioning again the massive size of his pencil. Anne's eyes widened at the possibilities.
"Oh! There's your pencil over there!" She sighed!
A few seats back a girl with a creepy grin was tauntingly waving Joon's giant, hard pencil in her hand.

How can these kids even consider planning a decent homicide when they've got pencil on the brain?

On the Zuzana front Mr. AwesomeCool and I did a routine I made up several months ago when I was pretty sure I was dying of spinal cancer. All the exercises can be found at BodyRock.Tv

16 intervals of 10 off and 50 on

Step Up (alternating starting with right)

Tricep Dips

Leg Raises

Chest Lift

See how I beat him in almost everything? That's how I know my pencil is waaaay bigger than his.

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Mr. Awesomecool said...

Its not the size of the pencil that is important. Its how sharp the tip is.