Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Hate To Go

Leaving is one of my favorite things to do. I love going somewhere. In fact, I love really long plane rides because I'm on my way somewhere new and exciting for a really long time! However, once I land and the reality of finding my way around in a new place where I have never been, don't know anything about and might not even speak the language hits and I'm not having fun anymore.

The same thing with pre-leaving. I hate packing and cleaning up a place where I've been nesting. No matter what, we always have so much stuff!! Where did it all come from! Why can't I just throw it out the window!

The landlord is also threatening to fine us if the apartment is not cleaned as per his standards. Who knows what his standards are.

He's just worried that we've trashed the place because started trying to show it to prospective renters about a month ago. At the time, we had just returned from our ginormous vacation so we had half empty suitcases all over the place, we were battling mold on all fronts, the kids' school work, dishes and piano books were scattered across the floor. The kids also informed me later that there may have been some 'lack of flushing' issues in the bathroom.

He called our schools immediately and commanded us to clean it up.

However, soon after arriving home from vacation, it was time to pack the kids up again! It was at this time that the landlord decided to show the apartment to a few more interested parties, to much the same results.

We're really not slobs, he just caught us at moments of extreme disarray.

Sadly, there are only three days left of the workout challenge and no one has participated! I'm so disappointed! Once again, Mr. AwesomeCool was much to ill to participate. He worked out his fingers on FaceBook instead.

Booty Firm Up

I modified this one so I had time to write down my reps. How else am I going to impress you guys? So instead of 6 rounds of two 20 second back to back intervals, I did 12 rounds of 5 off and 20 on.

Part I
Explosive Star
Plank to Pike Jump

Part II
Seated Bicycle

Part III
Flying Jump Scissors
Pushup to Monkey Pushup

Tomorrows workout looks fabulous: I Want Your Sweat. Prepare yourself. Tomorrow you will BodyRock and you will love it.


Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

The landlord is also threatening to fine us if the apartment is not cleaned as per his standards.

Ten bucks says that regardless of the apartment's condition, be it pristine or atrocious, the landlord will find a way to penalize you somehow.

Flint said...

I agree with Chicken Wire. Like most Director's, most landlords in Korea try to fuck you out of money.

I was in my last apartment for over 3 years. The teacher before me was in it for a year. The apartment itself was about 7 years old.

The covering (wallpaper?) on the ceiling was coming off in spots and the landlord told my boss that I had to pay to have it replaced. of course, I was already home by then and the apartment had been thoroughly cleaned (I paid to make sure). But the landlord stuck that to my boss. (A good boss too so ut bothers me. If he had been an asshole boss I wouldn't have cared.)