Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Alone

Poor Mr. AwesomeCool had to go to work today and aside from this morning when I ventured out only to make sure we had enough greens to get us through Chuseok, I've been a shut in in an empty house. I can't remember the last time I spent so much time by myself. Once you have kids, peace and quite is rarely an option.

I've been keeping myself occupied with Flashforward. At first I thought it was a harmless little show to keep me from dying of boredom, but now I see I underestimated it. I didn't realize it would be so mysterious. I'm a sucker for the racing for an answer to a giant puzzle type show. I knew going into it it was already canceled. Now that I've gotten to know it, the show's untimely demise is bothersome.

I also watched Snow Falling on Cedars because I recently finished the book which I liked immensely. The movie was good, although there were artsy cinematography things going on that were irritating. I had no idea Ethan Hawke was in it.

Mr. AwesomeCool and I are quickly running out of terrible TV shows. We're all caught up on True Blood, Glee, Smallville, Spartacus, Mad Men, Archer (probably the funniest show I've seen), we're almost caught up on House, and a bunch of other shows I can't think of right now. We are in desperate need of suggestions.

By the way, one show that we discovered recently to the delight of the whole family is Psych. Go check it out.

This morning before Poor Mr. AwesomeCool went to work, we got some Sweet Punnishment!

11 days left of the challenge!

Here's our scores:

Part I Backward Lunge Jump Ups (starting with right)


Part II



Lalique said...

Hi there visiting you from Turkey

send smile too

Gollywog said...

I think I mentioned this one in the past but it will surely blow this "psych" crap out of the water.
Its called Summer Heights High.
You will have to download as I haven't been able to find it on any of the streaming sites yet.
Seriously check it out.
You might also like "Flight of the Conchords"
The first show is Australian, hence its awesomeness, and the second is from New Zealand, which is also why it is so fantabulous.

SuperFantabulous said...

I adore Flight of the Concords. I'll check out the Australian show! Thanks!!