Thursday, September 2, 2010

Englishee Hub

We went to bed last night with all the windows open and woke up at 5 AM to the sounds of a raging typhoon inside our house. We shut all the windows and tried, unsuccessfully, to go back to sleep. The sound of howling wind beating against your windows is surprisingly un-relaxing.

Because of the terrifying typhoon, school was delayed! Yay! But The Princess didn't call to tell me until I was already on the bus and on my way to work! Boo!

Mr. Giggles strolled in at a cool 10:00. At 10:05 the cleaning lady burst in and made him clean up all his junk which he had decided to leave scattered in messy piles throughout My English Office. She then dragged a muddy mop across the floor and dusted all the desks with a filthy rag.

Now the entire teaching staff seems to be putting the finishing touches on the brand new Englishee Room next door. I'm not sure why I wasn't invited, but I'm doing my best to keep myself out of it by hiding my big, long head behind my monitor.

I've got several terrible movies queued up and I simply can't tear myself away. Anyway, you don't have to speak English to put a few books and games doomed to wile away an eternity of non-use, endlessly collecting dust on a shelf now do you?

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