Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Bella,

I thought no one, not even the rain, could feel loss as you did when your Edward left you in the twilight, the smell of earth and trees all around you.

You were a stupid, melodramatic girl, with your gaping hole and your pain. Always, always. The pain would eclipse everything.

Nobody could possibly feel that much love, much less live through losing it.

But now my chest is ripped open. I feel it unconditionally. It seeps. It pours. I hold it in. I'm falling in around the cracks.

I wish I could do as you did, dear Bella, and drift through months in a matter of pages, a new moon in every night sky.

But here the days pass slowly. The rain falls so loudly I can feel it through the walls.

So, silly little Bella, maybe I won't make fun of you quite so much.
Maybe I won't wish he'd stayed away, just because I liked you better sad and mopey in Jacob's arms.

Maybe now I've seen how dark it becomes before the breaking dawn.


PS. I still think you should have chosen Jacob


Artsarah said...

*like* (even though I don't like Jacob)

Danielle said...

Oh Jacob. RAWR. He would have been my choice too.