Thursday, September 30, 2010


You'd think from the way everyone's behaving at my school that this was just another day. Helloooooooooo!! Your SuperFantabulous is walking out the door in less than an hour and is NEVER coming back! Could someone please show some appropriate devestation?

Actually there was one person who was acceptably tearful. Little Calliope, the music teacher, stopped by. She gave me a magic Buddhist word that will help my wildest dreams come true. Right now my dreams are to get a non-horrible job and be able to afford to live while I'm back in the US. I wonder if Buddha will be able to pull that miraculous feat?

Mr. AwesomeCool's school is throwing him a goodbye party. All the English teachers are going out to dinner. He asked if I could go and they said, "No way!" because, "It is not custom." Then as is custom, they changed their minds.

Nobody ever talks about what an ordeal it is to leave. They just leave. We spent hours last night trying to pack. One thing that has helped us tremendously are vacuum packs for our clothes. They're basically just giant zip lock bags that you use a vacuum to suck all the air out of. Not only are they helpful, it is quite entertaining to watch a stack of clothes a foot high reduced to six inches.

My replacement starts work tomorrow. They are wasting no time in getting the new 'stand in the corner' Longhead indoctrinated. I wish she had a blog. I want to know what she thinks of all this. Will she enjoy sitting alone, watching terrible TV shows in My Englishee Office as much as I did? As per someone's suggestion, I marked my territory via a secret "SuperFantabulous Was Here" somewhere in the building.

Today I found out that Mr. Giggles is leaving in a month to go into the army. That makes me feel better. At least I'm not the only one spiraling out of this strange little galaxy.

This morning I didn't feel like working out much. But I did anyway because I'm fucking awesome.

Fat Butt Melt

Looking back just now, I see that I did this workout completely wrong. Therefore I don't see any point to posting my results, however, I'm going to anyway, cause that's how I roll.

Part I

12 Intervals 5 off, 20 on
Push Up and Side Jump (I did two side jumps instead of one)

Plank to Elbow Knee Tuck

Part II

This was supposed to be three minutes for some reason I did five AND I didn't do 5 side to side squats, I did 2. Whatevs.


Part III
Jump Squats

Side Crunch (alternating each one)

And just like that, the SuperFantabulous Englishee teacher era comes to an end.


Mike "Long Legged Mack Daddy"Jones said...

good luck to you

Gollywog said...

I hope you keep up the blog though.
You originally blogged while you were in America, so I suppose that is a stupid wish. Of course you will.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

What the hell am I supposed to read now to put my life into a semblance of perspective? ImNoPicasso is being nauseatingly positive these days and everyone else is strangely silent. Seriously, WTF?

Mister Baekseju said...

Madame and I wish to know when can we visit and where. ;) Take care of yourselves and the little ones my friends.