Sunday, August 8, 2010

'You Better Not Ficking Leave Korea'

Side note: You better not ficking leave Korea. Who else is going to get my through my boring excuse for a life? Fo Geezy-sweezy yo, it's better on my students when I read your babble!


My SuperFantabulous readers are the most eloquent mother-fuckers out there. I have no idea what a Husker is, but no matter, this Eric guy gives good compliment. He also writes a super awesome-cool blog which I highly recommend to all Huskers an Non-Huskers alike.

A few weeks ago my school gave me a 2:00 deadline to re-sign my contract. I never got around to saying what went down with all that. I expected mayhem, a plethora of comments along the lines of 'what will you do, Superfantabulous? I can't stand the suspense!' and 'Please don't go, my life is not complete without you!' Or something equally gushing and along those lines.

Nobody wrote anything of the sort. Turns out, I'm not the center of your universe! Your life does not revolve around my comings and goings! You are able to function as a relatively normal human being outside the SuperFantabulous Universe! I'm shocked and dismayed.

Well, despite your disturbing lack of idolatrous worship towards me, I'm going to let you in on what went down.

1. They asked me to re-sign
2. I asked for a raise and increased vacation
3. They denied me said raise and vacation
4. I told them to eff off.

Don't spend too many nights crying yourselves to sleep. Given my chronic inability to hold a 'normal' job or live a 'normal' life, I will probably end up back in The Roundhead Nation at some point. Especially since the thought of having a full-time job where I'm actually expected to work the whole time seems completely ludicrous to me now.

I mean, I can't be expected to watch terrible TV shows on my own time, can I? I think not.

Roundhead Nation, you've spoiled me in ways I never thought possible.


Flint said...

Heh ... I just assumed you wouldn't give in to such a stupid ultimatum> Nice to see you didn't. :)

DrugstoreCowgirl said...

Aren't you in a public school? I thought you automatically get a raise and 2 extra weeks of vacation if you renew.

locohama said...

Hey SuperFantabulous, how's it going?
As someone as rude as me would say in japanese "kaera friggin naide yo" You better not go!
Just wanted to let you know you might see a slight pick up in traffic over the next few days cuz I gave you a big shout out on a recent post.


Gollywog said...

To feed your crazy internet addiction.
Check out:
Summer Heights High
You might have to go to isohunt or another torrent downloading site to find it, but I assure you it is worth it.

SuperFantabulous said...

Flint: Thanks!
DrugStore: It does and I knew I could have fought it, but I wasn't thrilled about the area I was in anyway, so I didn't.
Loco: You are super cool as always with an enormously powerful blog (the pick up was not 'slight' :)