Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taco Amigo, Itaewon

So we've been to just about every Loving Hut on the peninsula. While I appreciate the idea behind Loving Hut, there is a lot of 'meat' in their food. That means loads of isolated soy proteins which are grody for your health.

Last week we went to What the Book to sell back the 50 or so books we bought from them during our year here before we leave. Then we bought 50 more books just to prove that our actions are still completely illogical and serve no purpose whatsoever.

After our book selling/buying fiasco, we were starving. Back in November or so, when we came to Itaewon, Mr. AwesomeCool suggested going there for lunch. I said, "No waaaay! No waaaaaaay!" because I was on a G-Dragon kick back then and also because I was pretty sure we would end up will about 50 types of meat and cow excretions in our food.

Well, somehow, this time he convinced me to at least be in the near proximity of the meat and cheesiness so he could check out the menu. Mexican food was a very tempting prospect. We looked at the menu soooooo long in fact, trying to decide whether we would be able to compel the Koreans inside to with-hold the animal products when lo and behold, some white guy came out of the restaurant to assist us.

Turned out he was the owner and an ex-vegan himself. He assured us that the rice, beans and recently the guacamole were all vegan. He pointed out which of the items on the menu could be veganized.

We were totally convinced. We went inside and placed our orders.

About 10 minutes later we were in food heaven. We haven't had Mexican food in 10 months. That's a long time for an American. We devoured every bite. The owner came over to chat with us from time to time. He described his slow descent from vegan to omnivore.

"When I first came over here, I was vegan. Then for a long time I was vegetarian. Then I married a Korean woman an opened this store. After a while I had to acknowledge that I was no longer a vegetarian."

Seemed linear enough, so we nodded and enjoyed our food.

We gave it a 10 out of 10. That could be the result of 10 months of salsa deprivation or it could be that the food is magnificent. I'll tell you how to get there so you can decide for yourself.

Go out Itaewon Station exit 4. Once you're at the top of the stairs, turn around so you're going the other way. Go up the first street you encounter. Taco Amigo is about a minute's walk up the street on your right!

Que te vaya bien!


Gibbering Madness said...

The owner of that place is an interesting guy. When he first arrived in Korea, he was selling trinkets on the street and getting into knife fights with South American gangs in Busan.

Ask him about it the next time you are there.

SuperFantabulous said...

Yes, he seemed quite interesting. Perhaps a little too interesting.

Mario said...

I'm very interested to know how in heck can guacamole, at one point, not be vegan? :p

SuperFantabulous said...

Sometimes they add sour cream. In this particular case it was cream cheese. You have thus been enormously enlightened.