Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SuperFantabulous Englishee Room!

Yesterday I arrived at work for my second round of English camp only to find my office completely different than I left it. I had no idea this was going to happen and was appropriately surprised.

A new door, wood paneling, a new desk with a new computer, and a conference table all greeted me when I had the cleaning lady break in for me (I am not trustworthy enough to have a key, obviously).

In my panic at discovering my familiar surroundings in complete disarray, I immediately began staking out my new territory. I found my computer only to discover it had no mouse. I shoved the extremely heavy desks apart to unhook the mouse from the computer right across from me. They scraped across the floor with a loud squealing moan.

Mr. Giggles came in to find me stealing his mouse. I was already invested, so what could I do but finish the task at hand? He watched me for a little while, probably wondering what type of person steals another's mouse right in front of them, but was then conveniently distracted by his astonishment at My New And Improved English Office.

Soon after, I discovered that my mouse was conveniently located in the special sliding drawer where it is supposed to go. Who would think to look there? Thus, Mr. Giggles was able to keep his mouse.

Since neither of us had prior knowledge of this thorough renovation, neither of us had put our things away. As a result, everything from our desk was scattered in random piles all over the floor, the chairs, and our new conference table.

Mr. Giggles had way more to lose in this situation. For some reason, almost instantly after he arrived, his desk became a massive gathering point for papers, folders, the plastic yellow basket-trays everyone always puts papers and folders in here, books, a coke bottle that has been 3/4 of they way empty for at least two months.

His desk became so full, he had to expand his junk onto the floor. I'm not sure why this happened. Maybe he thought I was supposed to clean up after him. If so, he was completely mistaken.

The whole room has been rearranged so that my back is to the far wall. This is the best wall because from this vantage point, I can see everything that's going on and no one can clearly see what I'm doing.

One of the worst things about the old setup was my back was to the door. Therefore, people could be potentially spying on me through the narrow window in the old door or through the windows of the Englishee Classroom. Maybe I was a little paranoid, but hindered my ability to watch terrible TV shows in peace.

Had all this happened before they asked me to re-new my contract, it would have been a tougher decision. Everything is exactly how I've always wanted it. I can watch terrible TV shows and no-one can see my screen. I can see who's coming in the door before they can see me. I have finally become absolute ruler of my domain!!

(Cue diabolical laughter . . . . . NOW!!!)


Artsarah said...

The Queen is back!

Gibbering Madness said...

I never bothered to sit at my desk. it ended up as a storage space for all sorts of random shit.

I found the teacher's room uncomfortable, and in my down time, I would just hang out with the kids.

The kids always asked me why? And wondered if I was some kind of wongta.

I guess I was.

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

Engrave your name upon the desk before you go.