Friday, August 27, 2010

Shameless Vegan Friend Promotion

About five years ago, I took a physics class or two at the local community college. It was there that I met Davey. Once I found out he was vegan, I stopped hating him and despite myself our non-hate grew into a kind of friendship. Hey, vegans gotta stick together. We never know when you carnivore's animal lust will cross the forbidden boundary into cannibalism.

Over the years, we had several vegan potlucks in which it quickly became apparent that Davey was a vegan baking artist. His genius knew no limits. He could bake the fuck out of anything, creating delectable deserts, breads, pizzas, anything you can imagine, he did it vegan and he did it better.

His masterpiece has to be what he calls 'The Weekend Ruiner'. It's a fluffy, gooey cinnamon roll the size of your butt. I think it got it's name because it will take all weekend to eat it or if you eat it on Friday, it will take all weekend to digest it. Either way, I've had one and I can tell you it's totally worth any cinnamony discomfort you feel afterward.

Davey is now in California and he wants to start a bakery. He's got a KickStarter pledge a thon going on for A Fire Inside. Click the link and go pledge. There are prizes for donating. Trust me. If he gets this thing open, you will go there and eat an entire 'Weekend Ruiner' and realize that it was totally worth it.

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Davey said...

Thank you. For the sake of the advancement and destigmatization of the vegan diet and lifestyle in the public at large, help me get this into a little pocket of the world.