Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

So for reasons known only to themselves, my Koreans have decided to renew my contract. Joy to the nth degree.

Unfortunately, the alternative is a beach town with 325 days of sunshine. The pay sucks (700 Euros a month), but it's only 12 hours of work a week. The rest of the time can be spent sitting on the beach enjoying one of the 325 days of sunshine.

It's a tough choice. I don't particularly enjoy difficult things.

To make matters worse, there couldn't have been a better school in all of Korea for me to work at. I would hate to leave for Spain, only to come crawling back and have to re-train everyone all over again at a new school or even worse, find them completely untrainable.

Why I love my school:
1. They never invite me anywhere.
2. They never bring me food.
3. They rarely talk to me.
4. I have no work outside of class time
5. I have very little work during class time (although that could be counted as a minus because it's really fucking boring standing in a corner all the time.)

Mr. AwesomeCool's crappy Alaskan low-tide smelling, piss face town decided they don't need a dental therapy aid after all. That is, once Mr. AwesomeCool walked them through the program, explaining everything to them (I mean, why should they be expected to do their jobs and figure it out for themselves?) and they realized they would be paying for his tuition along with a living stipend, they were suddenly less than enthusiastic.

He also prematurely told his school he wasn't renewing, but he did that once before and then a few days later they amnesiaed that bitch up and started asking again.

I have a feeling getting a Spanish visa in Korea is going to be hell.

And my Mac decided to die.



Flint said...

The call of Spain would be hard to resist.

Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

First the Xbox 360, and now your Mac? If you had a car, chances are it would explode sometime this coming week.

SuperFantabulous said...

The call of Spain is very hard to resist. Maybe Spain will be the third thing to explode so I have no beach town to escape to.