Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Camps Suck!

I don't know why winter and summer camps fill me with a such a horrible dark dread of ineptitude. To curtail the inevitable psycho-bitch behavior that goes along with me having to do something I really don't want to do, I started slowly gathering videos, songs and worksheets weeks ago and began compiling them into neat little lessons to pre-empt any drama.

Enter complete bullshit. Mr. G brought me the news that I was once again in charge of summer camps along with a guideline for how the lessons should be planned. Duh. Only this time, it wasn't a guideline. It was what I have to 'teach'.

Surprise! All my lesson planning was a complete waste of time! Granted, I didn't spend more than a few hours gathering all the stupid crap but still, I hate Mr. G forever, which works out great because he's all but moved out of My English Office, only stopping by a few minutes a day to torture me with k-pop music.

So he told me to think about the lesson planning last week. So I did think about it and I came to the conclusion that the stupid lessons on dining room, living room, greetings and food were all his idea. Last time it was completely up to me what to 'teach' probably because Mr. Toad didn't give a fuck. Mr. G obviously thinks he needs to meddle.

Mr. AwesomeCool informed me yesterday that my school called his school about how to set up my vacation.

Me: "Really? What did your school do about your vacation?"
Him: "They asked me when I wanted it and then they gave it to me."

Vacation is obviously some strange form of rocket science I have no hope of understanding.

Him: "Then my co-teacher asked them if they were going to re-new your contract."
Me:"What did they say?"
Him:"They said they'd let her know tomorrow." So the verdict on that should come in today. Except it won't because figuring out if you want your Longhead to stay or not is rocket science that no-one has any hope of understanding.

The problem is that Mr. AwesomeCool told his co-teacher that him resigning depended on me getting resigned, along with many other factors. His co-teacher heard, "If my wife gets re-signed, I will re-sign."

The other problem is that neither of us is all that interested in spending another year here. So even if Mr. AwesomeCool's co-teacher gets down on her knees and begs my school to resign (which she probably will because they love him so much), it will all be in vain.

To help them with their decision, I accidentally skipped out on ten minutes of my only class today. Mr. G told me something about morning classes and afternoon classes. I thought he said I didn't have my afternoon classes. So I went to my first morning class where I was told "Yong-o obseyo." The trend continued throughout the morning.

Rather than use deductive reasoning to figure out that Mr. G had actually said morning classes were canceled, I chose to think, "Yay! Morning and afternoon classes are canceled! Lucky me!"

Then two little kids showed up to drag me to class. Not that I'm actually needed in there except to help with crowd control. I remember when Mr. Shiny Suit was briefly here for a week back in March, he told me The Princess had said two things about me:
1. She is scared of me.
2. I have a perfect Teacher Stare.

I thought about the second one for a while and came to the conclusion that either she likes the way I glare at the students when they're naughty, or she actually said 'style'.

Either way, it's all kind of crazy.

Speaking of crazy, I watched a great movie the other day at work: I am Dina. If you like movies about emotionally disturbed, socially isolated women, you'll absolutely love it.



Flint said...

Maybe she meant you have a scary starey teaching style. :)

SuperFantabulous said...

Haha! That must be it.