Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life In Korea: Getting Holes Punched In Your Face (A Guide)

So it was a few weeks late, big deal, I'm still the best darn Minister of Getting Holes Punched in People's Faces this peninsula has ever seen.

We went to Crow Piercing. I'm going all Clissy Snowfrake on your asses, and telling you how to get this shit done. This will prove especially helpful to avoiding a near ousting, lest anyone else find themselves ordained MOGHPIP.

Go to Hongik University Station
Go out exit 5
Turn left after you cross the first cross walk
Turn right on the street that has a Tiger-Bunny mural
Walk a few blocks until you see the "Lush" store
Turn left at the next street after the "Lush" store
Crow Piercing is right there on your left

Go inside, find someone who looks like they work there. Motion to the part of your face or body you want a hole punched into. She will bring you your jewelry options (prices ranging from 3-8 thousand won).

After you pick your jewelry, they'll call you back when the Hole Puncher is ready. You'll sit in a chair, get punched and then pay a ridiculously low price. Ours were 11,000 won including the 3,000 won jewelry.

Leave a happy 'Hole Punchee'

Repeat as necessary.


Artsarah said...

Okay, where did you get these holes punched? Pics?

SuperFantabulous said...

Sorry, it wasn't me. I have no additional holes.