Monday, July 12, 2010


When Spain made it to the quarter finals, I told Mr. AwesomeCool, "If they win, it's a sign we have to go to Spain."

I never dreamed it would actually happen. My kids woke up at 2.56 to watch the match. They were noisy and woke me up, so I decided to go watch it with them. By 2.57 they had both fallen back asleep. I watched it alone, managing to stay awake until right before Spain finally scored, thus rendering the whole exercise completely futile.

Spain has screwed me many times. Last time I worked as an English teacher there, I got stuck in a smelly little pig farming town. This time, my placement is in an amazing little town right on the southern coast that gets 325 days of sunshine a year!

The screwing part is that Mr.Awesomecool got a town an hour away. The further screwing part is that he's pretty intent on the dental thing in Alaska. As if it could get any screwier, my kids have the ill begotten notion that our former place of residence, "Shitty Rainy Town USA" is the best place on earth.

They all refuse to go with me. What's a girl to do?
Here's what I'm hoping will happen:
1. I'll go.
2. Come Winter break, my kids will realize they are ridiculous for choosing to live in a crappy, rainy city rather than the southern coast of Spain. (325 days of sunshine! White sand and clear blue water for crap's sakes!!)
3. They'll come back to Spain with me and we'll all live happily ever after! Viva Espana!

I should run this whole scenario by Paul the Psychic Octopus to see how likely all this is to work out. However, I'm pretty sure he would agree with me.


Flint said...

The octopus would know. I wonder how he would taste with some squeezed lemon. Mmmmmm. :)

SuperFantabulous said...

Paul would totally see that coming.