Monday, July 19, 2010

At The Beach!

Yesterday we went to a beach by our house. Not a beach in the traditional sense (like the one waiting for me in Spain), but a muddy, crab infested, windy mess. It took us an hour and a half to get there (counting the 30 minutes we were on the right bus, but going in the wrong direction) we stayed two hours and then we headed home.

Although at first I was horribly disappointed in this mucky pond the Korean's call 'beach' I tried to look on the bright side (it's my new thing). I decided the beach was better off without sand. After all, had there been sand, the wind would have whipped it up into a sand-blasting fury and the SuperFantabulous family would probably have been flayed in two minutes flat. Why should a beach have an ocean and waves when all they do is suck you out in a riptide? Who wants to be known as that dumbass that went to South Korea to teach english only to drown in a muddy ocean? Not me.

We hiked up a lighthouse where I was too busy holding on to my kids for dear life (henceforth known as Mini Fantabulous and Little Awesome) for fear they would be blown over the railing and onto the rocky cliffs below to see if there was a good view or not. I'm thinking there wasn't. We went back down and the kiddies entertained themselves for the rest of the time sloshing through the mud and finding hermet crabs.

We caught the bus back, hoping to have dinner at one of our favorite vegan buffets. We got off at the station and for reasons known only to himself, Mr. AwesomeCool suddenly decided he was an expert at finding his way around in Korea. Never mind that the streets don't make any sense whatsoever or that even if they did, we cant read the street names or ask directions if we get lost.

The result of all this was walking around in a huge circle, ending up essentially where we started an hour later. I took the card with the restaurant address on it and shoved it in the face of a random Korean couple unfortunate enough to be passing by.

"Where is?" I asked.
They looked and looked. Finally they decided it was a few blocks up and to the left.
I didn't believe them. Still, we had nothing better to do, so we walked a few blocks up and turned left.

That is when we found another hapless bystander and demanded directions. She said essentially the same thing, only this time she added a 'Then Right!" on the end. I began to believe we might actually find this place.

We made it to the part where we turn left then we confronted someone else and sought answers to this 'Then Right!" business. The woman was nice enough to insist on escorting us there personally.

We told her that was not really necessary. She told us it totally was. So she took us there, going a few blocks out of her way, only to discover that the restaurant is either closed or out of business.


We walked back to the subway bitterly disappointed and ready to eat Mr. AwesomeCool as punishment for his role in this fiasco and also because we were starving. In the end, he saved himself from his fate by guiding us to The Loving Hut, a few subway stops away.

Next time he won't be so lucky.

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