Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anonymous Darling!

That is the best thing I could think of that would be, like, the opposite of Douchebag that starts with a D. I'm fucking clever.

Anyway. Since you might have missed it, I had to bring all your attention to what is by far the most SuperFantabulous comment ever!! It was received on my impressively astute post about Black Child.

Here's what my Anonymous Darling said:

Your blog is better, Ms. SuperFantabulous.

You, my brilliant Anonymous Darling, are the first to recognize the unimaginable depth of my genius. Bravo! You win at life, just like me!

On a related note, Clissy Snowfrake has added a disclaimer to his recent Life in Korea post: What to do in Korea if You're Broke.

Author's note: Life in Korea posts are aimed at the newer expats among us.

Yes, Clissy, shockingly I was able to figure that out, though, I'd take it a step further and say they're aimed at the mentally challenged new expats among us. The rest of us can figure out that 'being broke is no fun'. But in case we forgot, less then two seconds later, we are reminded again, cause, you know, we are fucking imbeciles and all, 'it's no fun looking in the wallet and finding dust'.

See, I always thought If you're keeping dust in your wallet, you're doing something wrong. The special needs expat community is crying out for a 'How to Use Your Wallet in Korea' post! I had no idea we were expected to keep dust in our wallets! What type of dust? How much? Where can we buy this wallet dust and for what prices?

Also, I bet you never knew that a microwavable hamburger from a Quicky Mart might be cheap, but probably tastes like a disease ridden ass. Cause it's not like the whole world is lousy with Quicky Marts or anything. And it's not like all of us haven't at one time or another contemplated those ever rolling greasy hot dogs by the squishies.

How about this gem: On nice days it's possible to go to a park and walk around or watch people. Yeah, I know. It totally blew my mind that parks offered that.

Finally if you are so broke you might eat the dust in your wallet for sustenance, Clissy advises selling your shit on Craigslist. See that's why we need this guy!! Cause I totally would have gone strait from dust eating to prostitution. But maybe that's just me.


Chicken Wire, the Harbinger of Heavenly Annotation said...

Looks like SnarkyFantabulous woke up on the right side of the bed.

P.S. Tell me more of this thing you refer to as a 'park'. Sounds like a Korean thing.

SuperFantabulous said...

I'm getting the feeling that these 'Parks' are where we're supposed procure our wallet dirt from.

ahuskerinkorea said...

Yeah I saw the disclaimer on there my self the other day. Cracked me up. It's like for as much as he would deny it. Mr. Wonderful is just eating at him!

SuperFantabulous said...

It seems like it might be.

loco said...

Your blog is amusing, Ms. SuperFantabulous (-;