Sunday, June 27, 2010

SuperFantabulous Weekend

Yesterday the 'Bastion of Longhead Coven' went to Home Plus. I refused to go. I simply couldn't face wandering around in a crowded mega-store without being able to see anything. Instead I stayed home, drank my kava tea from iherb and watched Hounddog with Dakota Fanning. It was marvelous.

At work last week, I realized that everything I said about liking romantic comedies was a complete and total lie. After the Uma debacle, I watched a Jennifer Annistion thing where she's being bounty hunted by her ex-husband. It was absolutely horrible. For the rest of the week I switched to documentaries.

Last night I got woken up at 12:35 by the roar of fans celebrating Korea's goal against Uruguay. I got up and watched the rest of the game. My kids were already up, yelling out the window in celebration along with the rest of the apartment complex. "Phiting!"

This morning Mr. AwesomeCool and I woke up at 7 and watched the new season of True Blood. Later the kids got up and watched re-runs of the Family Guy. Then Mr. AwesomeCool and I looked into which villages in Alaska we should move to to perform teeth cleanings on the native populations. It was exhausting. I fell asleep.

Mr. AwesomeCool decided the 'Bastion of Longhead Coven' needed to go outside so we all walked down to the village and bought the biggest watermelon I have ever seen. It weighed more than 15 kilograms. Mr. AwesomeCool tried to talk me into buying one out of the back of some guy's pick up truck. They were not organic so I refused.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to watch the game tonight. I don't like missing out on my sleep, so I probably won't.


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