Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Your Haircut In Korea

Thank god Mr. Idiot hasn't killed himself yet. Had he done so, I would not have been aware of the compelling uber-blogging going on over at Clissy Snowfrake's site. Unless Mr. Idiot tells me to, I never go to those 'Super Important, Incredibly Adroit' blogs. What can I say? I like my blogs like I like my women: Cheap and not boring me to death after one sentence. I also like being told what to do once in a while and Mr. Idiot is a fucking sexy beast. But that is neither here nor there.

Until I read Clissy's piece on getting a haircut in Korea I was under the impression that nobody gave a fuck, so I didn't blog about it when I got a haircut upon first arriving in Korea. I must have done something terribly wrong though, because it was far less complicated than Clissy Snowlfake intones. Apparently there are Pink Hairs and Blue Hairs and you can't fuck it up or you'll end up with an orange bowl-cut mullet from hell!!

If that is your fear, go to his site. If you're too dumb to figure out that a haircut is supposed to be rocket science, you do what I did:

1. Wander into the village
2. Go into the first building you see where the people inside are holding scissors
3. Pick up the magazine on the waiting area bench
4. Point emphatically at Jennifer Aniston circa 2009. Be sure to make lots of pointless hand gestures and facial expressions. It's best to provide some free entertainment to appease the hair artists in case they're in an orange bowl-cut mullet type of mood.
5. Get your hair cut
6. Repeat as necessary

Now if only he would be kind enough to walk us through his last trip to the Korean gyno, with witty cartoons documenting all the papping that went on, my life would be complete.

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Flint said...

Heh ... yeah it does seem pretty strange to blog about that.