Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 11

I feel like I should be documenting the Eyeball Challenge in nauseating detail. However, just like with the raw food challenge, it is causing just enough extra inconvenience in my life that the extra effort required to put letters, words and sentences into coherent thoughts is way too much effort.

However, I should note that although I have seen no improvement whatsoever, it has not been a complete bumbling around blind waste of time. For one thing, the main tenant of the whole eyeball recovery premise is that the eye must be relaxed to see.

The only way to relax the eye is to relax the mind and body. Therefor, I was forced to come to the realization that I don't have to completely, continuously control the universe with my iron fist of in-human stubbornness.

Once I realized this, I demonstrated my new-found 'Control to the Less Freaky' self in the grocery store yesterday. We were out of organic watermelon. We went to the organic stores to get another one. There weren't any. Against my wishes, we went to a regular grocery store.

"You know, watermelons are on the low to none list for pesticides on the conventional foods list." Mr. AwesomeCool said as we strolled past the non-organic watermelons.

"Really?" I said non-commitally, eying the ridiculously expensive organic grapes.

"Here's some expensive ass organic peaches." Mr. AwesomeCool said holding up a box of tiny green lumps.


"Yeah . . .' He stood awaiting my orders.

"Um . . . I guess we should get a watermelon."

"I don't see how we have any choice."

The old me would have totally gotten the sucky organic peaches or the super-expensive organic grapes. The thought of buying a conventional watermelon when there were terrible organic choices nearby would have been absolutely unconscionable.

Mr. AwesomeCool did not properly appreciate the momentous, earth shattering even that had just taken place. He just picked out a watermelon like it was no big deal

In a completely non-related matter, last week two kids fell asleep in Mr. Giggles class. The first one was pointed out and once he was discovered, the whole class began chanting and clapping. The sleeping boy refused to do whatever it was they were chanting about.

The second student was a girl. They chanted and clapped at her. She turned out to be more ballsy. She came to the front of the class and sang a song to the class. It was pretty amazing. Then they chanted and clapped at Mr. G. He turned on some K-Pop and started singing his heart out. It was hilarious.

Also, I want to share something with you that has made our vegan, organic life so much easier here in the ROK, it is ridiculous some other 'important' 'serious' blogger didn't find it first. It's a little thing called

You can order organic lip balm! Organic raisins! Organic peanut butter! Vitamins! Nutritional yeast!!! It's fucking glorious!

Even with shipping it is totally worth it. For one thing, some of this stuff isn't even available here, for another, it can be insanely expensive. A small jar of peanut butter is 14 dollars. A tiny bag of raisins is 4. So, order your little obsessive compulsive organic vegan hearts out!! You don't have to live on rice with red pepper sauce any more!!


Danielle said...

Ooooh. Thanks for the link!

SuperFantabulous said...

You're welcome! Just be warned, the website is not all that user friendly. It takes some effort to find all the things you want.